We have said you can choose to love any time you want to. This is true no matter what you have done in the past, and only requires that you want to love now. If you decide to love, what can you do about your past?

The only thing that can be done is that you can be forgiven for having not loved. If you understand love, you know that if you love someone you will forgive them the wrongs they have done to you. Think carefully about love and forgiveness, and you will understand that if you love someone you will always and repeatedly and truly forgive them for having not loved you.

The murderer who admits his wrong and seeks forgiveness is perhaps better off than the cheat who denies he has done anything wrong and rejects any thoughts about needing forgiveness. If we have all done wrong, and if those who love forgive, should we not quit trying to keep score of each personís wrongs and forgive them? If you love people, you will forgive them. No matter how many times they may ask you to forgive them, if they seek your forgiveness and you love them, you will forgive them.

What about those people who donít want forgiveness? If you have completed your search and know and understand love, you know and understand that if someone is your enemy and hates you, you can and should love them. If you love people who hate you and do not want forgiveness, you will love them and do good to them with the hope that they will choose to love you and seek forgiveness.

If you love someone you will forgive them for everything they do to you and to other people. You can and should love both those who love you and seek forgiveness, and those who hate you and do not seek forgiveness. To love those who hate you and who laugh at your forgiveness is perhaps the greatest test of your desire to love.

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